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Rolling Concrete Mixer Maintenance in Summer

How to maintain rolling concrete mixer in summer? The followings some suggestions about rolling concrete mixer maintenance in summer:

Summer is a rainy and hot season. There are differences between rolling concrete mixer maintenance in summer and general rolling concrete mixer maintenance. Especially when rolling concrete mixer encounters lightning and thunder in summer. The weather in summer is hot and wet, how to maintain rolling concrete mixer in summer?

1, When rolling concrete mixer encounters rainy days by which thunder and lightning will accompany. Due to rolling concrete mixer is made of iron and steel, so don't let the rolling concrete mixer be exposed to the rain and cover rolling concrete mixer with “umbrella”.

2, Especially avoid the connecting electric wire and plug part of rolling concrete mixer getting wet in the rain and do a good rainproof work;

3, The summer weather is hot and moisture is easily to be evaporated. There is a little water in concrete. So after using rolling concrete mixer, users must immediately clean up the residual concrete in the mixing drum or the residual concrete will solidify in the mixing drum and influence the working performance of rolling concrete mixer;

, At the same time, weather in summer is wet. water absorption tube, casing pipe and other parts of rolling concrete mixer is easily to be rusted. So concrete mixer users need always check and timely brush antirust paint to rolling concrete mixer;

5, In hot summer, temperatures of the mixing drum and reducer of concrete mixer will be relatively high during work, which will cause problems to rolling concrete mixer. So concrete mixer users should do good heat dissipation work, such as putting rolling concrete mixer in ventilated place, or not laying rolling concrete mixer at places where expose to the sun.
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