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Improving the production efficiency of concrete mixing plant

Commercial concrete mixing plant is in the majority of the concrete mixing plant, then Pioneer machinery will talk about some tips for you to improve the production efficiency of concrete mixing plant.
1. The production capacity of concrete station of commercial concrete, transport distance, line and road conditions, equipped with a sufficient number of transport vehicles, which is generally 1.2 times than the number of productivity needs.
2. In addition to the mixing time, the time utilization coefficient is the direct factor to affect the production efficiency of asphalt concrete mixing equipment. What’s more, there are a lot of related factors, such as the production organization, equipment management and operation quality, running technology of equipment, raw materials and the preparation of transport vehicle also have obvious effect on improving the production efficiency.
3. Strengthen equipment maintenance and management of commercial concrete mixing plant to ensure that the equipment is in good condition, and is in accordance with the requirements of state environmental protection laws and regulations. Establish a strict inspection and maintenance system and preventive measures, timely repair.
4. The raw materials of concrete mixing plant should have sampling inspection, the aggregate with different specifications (including powder) stacked separately, and it should be rainproof and dustproof. Asphalt heating should be timely to maintain a certain temperature. Aggregate storage capacity is 5 times more than the daily using amount, powder and asphalt storage capacity is 2 times more than the amount of daily consumption.

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