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How to build concrete mixing plant

Firstly, the concrete mixer and the system of aggregate should be configured based on the project duration, the total amount of concrete, daily concrete dosage and other indicators to meet the daily maximum concrete dosage. A mixer and the related aggregate system is a production line. General engineering can only set up a production line, the larger and important project should be set up two production lines that is parallel layout to ensure uninterrupted supply of concrete for the project. A project can only set up a mixing plant, and the concrete mixing plant also can be set by the partition or it can focus on setting a large mixing plant matched with appropriate concrete delivery vehicles. It can be determined by the actual situation.
Secondly, the area of stone and sand should be large enough so that it can meet the engineering needs and consumption, and conveniently make the supplement of the aggregate. Sand and gravel is piled by areas to prevent mixing concrete inaccurate gradation. It can be equipped with loaded car to add aggregate and gravel should be stacked neatly. The site should be hardened so that make loading car’s loading conveniently and prevent dirt and other debris into the aggregate.
Thirdly, a concrete mixing plant with 1-2 pool can be able to ensure the concrete mixing and mechanical cleaning. A production line at least needs two suitable cement silos, the best for the three to take turns to use in time to meet the needs of concrete production and do not make cement backlog.
Finally, as for the way to transport the finished concrete, concrete transport pump can be used. Based on the transportation distance and height and concrete supply, this means of transportation is generally arranged in front of mixer with the pump pipe connected to pouring. It also can be arranged in a place near the pouring.
There are above several main points of the layout, the rest of the concrete mixing plant components can be assembled according to the need for production.

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