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Drum Concrete Cutting Machine

Drum concrete cutting machine has gradually become the first choice for small concrete mixer users.

Owing to its own characteristics, drum concrete cutting machine is widely used by small concrete mixer users, which makes it gradually be recognized and applied by more and more small users. Drum concrete mixer has a good market reaction. Drum concrete cutting machine is mainly used on small and medium sized construction sites, road and bridge, house building and other sites.

The reasons why drum concrete cutting machine is popular among small users are as followings:

The first reason why drum concrete cutting machine is popular among small users is that drum concrete cutting machine has low price. For small concrete mixer users, drum concrete cutting machine with lower prices is welcomed by small concrete mixer users. While, on the basis of lower price, the quality of drum concrete cutting machine is indeed very good and the working efficiency and concrete quality should be reliable and stable.

In general, the drum concrete cutting machine on the market can be divided into JZC series and JZM series concrete mixer. While, JZC series concrete mixers have relative more models and generally more users applied JZC series concrete mixers.

JZC series concrete mixer including: JZC250 concrete mixer, JZC350 concrete mixer, JZC500 concrete mixer, JZC750 concrete mixer
JZM series concrete mixer including: JZM350 concrete mixer, JZM500 concrete mixer, JZM750 concrete mixer.

We also can provide JZD series concrete mixers.

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